Huyendo por una mejor vida


( YENDO POR UNA BUENA OLA – HUYENDO POR UNA MEJOR VIDA” | “Going for a good wave – Fleeing for a better life” by Yescka | Spain 2014 ) In 2011, 1500 people lost their lives during their escape over the Mediterranean Sea. For many people the Mediterranean Sea is a popular vacation destination, whereas for others it is a border to a better life. Poverty, as well as ethnic and political persecution drives people onto old, broken, and overcrowded fishing boats on a dangerous path to Europe. Even when the boat withstands the rigor and its passengers do not drown, another obstacle awaits them. Organizations such as Frontex, who are responsible for the EU border patrol, force refugee boats to return instead of checking their asylum application. In many cases this is the same as a death sentence.