La ultima cena 15.03.2013

The “apostles” represent a part of mexico’s political, economical and religious elite. The most powerful among them is a well-known drug boss in Jesus place. The others are gathered around him, begging for his recognition. They are all sitting at one table, distributing the power among each other. Their thirst for power makes them devour the values that represents the head of Benito Juárez in the middle of the table, like freedom and justice and they abuse the responsibility they received from the people.

Los “apóstolos” en el imagen representan una parte de la élite mexicana. Como el más poderoso entre ellos, se presenta un narco popular tomando el lugar de Jesús. Los demás se juntan alrededor de él y piden su favor. Todos están sentados en una mesa y reparten el poder entre ellos. Su avidez de poder les hace comer los valores representados por la cabeza de Benito Juárez, como libertad y justicia y se abusan de la responsabilidad de la les ha encargado el pueblo.

Frida Punk 04.06.2012

This image of Frida Kahlo with a Mohawk has become popular know as “Frida Punk”. Yescka painted the first stencil of “Frida Punk” back in 2011 in Munich.

The documentary shows how Yescka works with his art collective ASARO in Oaxaca and demonstrates how their art develops into an expression of the Oaxaca resistance. The film gives insight into the cultural context of and follows the history of ASARO from their beginnings in 2006. The documentary will not be released on the Internet to protect the personal safety of the protagonists; as a result it will only be shown per request. If you have an interest in showing the documentary please contact Galeria Soldout.

To promote the exhibition “Zapata Punk”, white placards were hung around Heidelberg, which Yescka spray-painted.
This event caught both the passer-by’s and local media’s attention, which published several stories about Yescka.

In September 2011, Yescka came to Munich to announce his exposition with a live painting. The result were three graffitis at the exterior walls of Art Babel.