About Yescka

Since when are you an artist?

I started to make graffiti when I was 15. Later, I went to a college of art where I combined fine arts with street art. In 2006, there was a strong social and political movement in my state (Oaxaca) and I felt the necessity to communicate what was going on. I wanted to reveal all the violence and our experiences through art.

At that point, me and other artists from my city founded a collective called ASARO, short for Asamblea de Artistas revolucionarios de Oaxaca. We started to use art to criticize the social and political situation. It’s an attempt to re-integrate art into society. I feel that art right now is standing outside society because it belongs to a limited sector of galleries, intellectuals and museums. I believe, art is for everybody and that’s why we’re trying to create a link, so that the people can get in touch with art in their everyday lifes again.

Why are you working on the street?

I believe that street art is important, because it’s a way to free oneself from violence and oppression. The economical and political situation in Mexico and Latin America arose the necessity to express myself and to react.

It’s important for me do make art on the streets because it’s an important platform for denunciation. The street is the biggest gallery that I can hope for.

What techniques are you using?

I use different techniques like wood cut, stencil or graffiti. I don’t limit myself to something but I’m trying to use all and to combine it, the traditional with the current. Graffiti is a creative process, it’s about developing the existing further into new styles. Graffiti liberates you from the prison of artistic genres.

I try give my voice to those who normally are not being heard. I try to make obvious the view of the oppressed. Art isn’t easily accessible for everyone. Many don’t have the opportunity to go into a museum or to buy art. It’s my mission to make art accessible for everyone.

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The street is the most beautiful gallery that I can have... Yescka